Oh. Hi there.

My name is Bernhard and you have stumbled into this little spot on the Internet I call “Rambling in B flat”. It’s the product of one man interest in writing and language, his love for music and to fulfill a New Year’s resolution.

…let me explain.

Many moon ago I played a card game called Magic: the Gathering “semi-professionally” and was heavily in involved in my local and national MTG community. Playing and otherwise engaging in the game was never how I made my living nor was it my main profession, but I played the game and was involved in various ventures in the community to the extent that it earned my a non-zero amount of money that in part payed for cards, tournament entry fees and travel expenses. One way I did that was that I regularly wrote columns, articles, reports for various websites and maintain a blog called “The Exploration“.

For a number of reason I kind of drifted away from the game a couple of years ago and with that I also let go of writing regularly. As of late I have missed the latter, how it stimulates my creativity and how it lets me hone my writing proficiencies and use of the English language (which isn’t my native language). So I thought it was about time a did something about it.

I wanted to start writing again, but a mental block for a while was that I didn’t have a clue what I should write about. But one day after waffle around the question for many month it came to me; hell, why don’t I just write about one of my favorite things in this world, music?

After this said revelation I recently made a New Year’s resolution in order to make things more concrete and to challenge myself. All of this has lead me to create this blog with the following mission statement:

Every week for a whole year I will write a couple of hundreds of words related to a song of my choice, about as many words you can read while listening to said song. But except for that basic principle goes the sky’s the limit. There are no other guiding principles, rules, bars, boxes or frames. Some weeks it may just be as straight forward that just write about a song I really like and why. Other weeks I may be something anecdotal from my personal life or from the world at large that I relate to a song. Heck, there may even be some factual and educational pieces. No bets, no pledge, no promises.

I hope that this purpose makes sense. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it just seems to you like this blog will be filled with incoherent rambling. But that’s okay. Just don’t think of it too much, it’s doesn’t matter either way. As long as you are entertained.

Now, get into the groove and enjoy my ramblings.


I write and maintain this blog solely for my personal amusement and as a platform to hone my writing proficiencies. I’m doing this purely as a hobby and I make no money of this blog. No sponsors are involved and no ads you may see earns me any money. Any media products I use or otherwise feature on this blog are due to my own personal preferences. Any deviance to this code of conduct will be clearly stated if they occur.

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