Ch. #11 – “Surf’s Up”


As I was hazily going through my feeds on various social media platforms during a lazy Sunday last week I stumbled on the saddening news that “The King of the Surf Guitar”, Dick Dale, had just passed away 81 years old.

Although I think that most of you who are reading this have probably heard my choice of song of the week, the Surf Rock classic “Miserlou“, in various context I would think that the name Dick Dale likely doesn’t ring a bell or doesn’t mean much to you. And I don’t fault you for it; he only had a brief period in the limelight and didn’t put out a whole lot of records or song during his career. But much like Buddy Holly a few years before him, despite the short period in the spotlight he left a lasting impression on the development of Rock and popular music, both artistically and technologically.

Therefore I’m penning this week’s piece in tribute to Dick Dale and to tell you why he and his legacy matters in the history of Rock and Roll.

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Ch. #10 – “Why am I rambling in B-flat?”


I’m going to go full meta today as I’m going to elaborate on the very title of this blog by trying to answer on the humble question; Why I’m rambling in B-flat?

That’s a two part question where the first part, the “rambling” part, I have already answered in the “About” page of this blog. Therefore I’m not going to go any deeper into that. Rather what I want to delve into is the second part of the question, the “B-flat” part.

So what’s the deal with B-flat? Well, first and foremost it’s a cute little riff on my first name, Bernhard. Secondly, and much more interestingly, it’s a historical reference to the early days of Rock and Roll and Pop music. To get us to that time and place in musical history we’ll be looking at Chuck Berry‘s Rock and Roll classic and firestarter “Johnny B. Goode”.

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Ch. #9 – “The return of The Black Keys”


This week I have no cute story or interesting factoid to convey. No fuzz or feathers, just highlighting a sweet new song from an awesome band.

That band in question would be The Black Keys, as last week Blues and Rock aficionados were blessed as the Blue Rock stalwarts released their first new music in almost 5 years in form of the dropped single “Lo/Hi”.

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Ch. #8 – “Earliest music memories”


Recently I was thinking about early memories I have about listening to and interacting with music and subsequently having it impacting my life. There are many fond, nostalgic memories to be sure. If I go back as far as my mind and my memories allows it I end up with two memories related to music which I can’t to this day determine which is chronologically the first memory, so they have to co-share the “first” title. I wish today to narrate about one of them and the song behind it, “Sleeping in My Car” by Roxette.

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