Ch. #24 – “Bird is the word”


No, no. Don’t turn away. Relax, this won’t be a piece about either The Trashmen and their song “Surfin’ Bird” or the Family Guy episode and joke that made the band and the song famous. Even though I still find that episode utterly hilarious some decade later.*

No, the word of the day is “Bird” because of English rising Pop/Country/Americana star Jade Bird that have lately swoon the hearts and ears of many listeners, myself included.

I don’t really have much of an anecdote to share or a story to tell today, except making the case about why she is awesome and that you should check her and her music out if you haven’t already.

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Ch. #23 – “The decade I wished never happened (not really but kind of)”


The last couple of week’s worth of blog posts have been very 90s centric so I thought I would break out of that pattern today by turning to a decade that I haven’t really featured or hardly even mentioned in passing so far in this blog’s existence. And that would be the 1980s.

The main reason for this is simply that I don’t fancy much of the music, styles and themes of the aforementioned decade. In fact I would probably have to rank the decade dead last if I had to rank all the decades up to date in context of music.

That said there is a small but exceptional class of 80s artist that I think used the new technologies and innovation that fuled the overall music style of 1980s in a real tasteful and slick manner. For that I adore them for it and will forever tip my hat for them despite what I think of the decade overall. And the artist of the day is truly one of them.

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Ch. #22 – “How I rediscovered live music”


It’s funny for me to think about it today that there was a time when I generally frowned upon the concept of live music given how amped I’m about the thought about seeing a band I like in the flesh today. And remarkably that wasn’t all that long ago.

I should clarify that with “frowned” I didn’t necessarily mean that I thought live music was just bad, but I thought for the longest time that live performances were inferior to polished studio cuts. As far as I was concerned music were for the most time just better on record.

It was a belief I held for many years; from my early teenage years until almost my mid-20s. Then around that time in my life I got hung up on The White Stripes and began sifting deeper into their discography and footage of them performing. One faithful evening I decided to watch their live video album “Under Blackpool Lights“… and after that viewing I was a different man.

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Ch. #21 – “From Chicago, with Grunge”


As alluded to in last week’s entry I had more than one show lined up last week other than Lenny Kravitz‘s. The latter’s show was great and all, on and off downright amazing to give credits were credits are due. Watching his performance reaffirmed my view of what an baller of an artist he his. So I’m very happy I got to see him live finally.

…that said, to be real honest despite how psyched I was on seeing Lenny Kravitz perform I was possibly even slighter more excited to see the other band who was in town last week; Chicago’s fabled 90s Alt-Rock posse The Smashing Pumpkins.

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