Ch. #38 – “It’s a beautiful day”


We humans have a knack for creating associations with significant events in our personal lives or in our society with music or other forms of art, or vice versa. I’m not going down the road of attempting to explain more scientifically why this is today, but I think pretty much everyone reading this can relate this to sentiment. We all have some songs or imagery that are etched deeply in our minds linked to certain events in our lives and/or vice versa. And if we are on the same page about this notion that’s good enough for the continued reading of this here piece.

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Ch. #37 – “Our simple mortal coils”


Unfortunately there has been a bit of an unintended lull on what’s suppose to be a weekly series, but I have had some milder turmoil in my personal life and with my relationships the last few weeks which have left me emotionally drained to the degree that I have just not been able to keep up with “Rambling in B-flat” as I want to and had promised myself.

So this piece is me trying to get the show on the roll again, not just for the blog’s sake but also attempting to restore some kind of balance to my life. And at this moment I couldn’t think of any better song for this purpose than Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers‘ 4-chord classic anthem about ups and downs of our mortal coils, “Learning to Fly“.

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