Ch. #39 – “The sounds of the season”


Today I’m continuing of sorts with one of the themes from the last instalment on the blog, namingly autumn and musical associations. As I’m writing this it’s truly the deepest of autumn in this part of the world; the trees have partly departed with their leaves and those that are left are in magnificent spectrum of colours from yellow to red, the outside temperature is just north of the 0Ā° Celsius mark and there is a fine, so fine and steady rain that is so dense you can’t tell where the rain ends and where the cloud which the rain is presumably coming from starts…

I thoroughly understand why a lot of people don’t like this season but that I find a great charm with it. I could do without the increasingly shorter periods of daylight but otherwise I find it such a cosy time of the year.

One of the strongest evocations of autumn I have in music, not obviously, is a little number by 90s Swedish Pop-Rock sensationĀ The Cardigans called “Erase/Rewind” from their much lauded and what I would claim to be their magnum opus “Grand Turismo” from 1998.

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