Ch. #16 – “Desert Rock”


When you are playing and you are looking up the sky, looking up the mountains and all of a sudden people are lighting fires and drinking and there are car lights… If you saw the view that I saw, you might just start to play like that way to.

Josh Homme

The above is a quote from the rockumentaryDesert Age“, which chronicles the local music scene in Palm Springs out in the southeastern California desert that sprung up during the 1980s and rose to fame in the early 1990s. They share a history not too far removed from what happened in the Pacific Northwest in and around Seattle during the approximately same time period; a bunch of kids and teenager living in relatively remote one-horse towns in a pre-Internet world just trying to entertain themselves and each other via playing music. And they end up birthing something marvelous and beautiful.

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Ch. #15 – “We’re Alive”


This week’s installment on the blog was just supposed to be another “new music alert” piece but the burning of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last Monday changed that. With the pictures after pictures of evocative imagery of the old church and grand artifact of European history burning down flashing before me in the week that has passed the song and the album I had in my mind to share had suddenly been filled with new meaning and association; “We’re Alive” by British Blues and Indie rockers Band of Skulls, of their newly released album “Love Is All You Love”.

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Ch. #13 – “I actually like pop music, I really do”


By now if you look back at the songs I have chosen to feature on this blog from the start up until day you may have already been able to sense my leaning and affinity for Blues and 90s style Alternative Rock. And what can I say? Guilty as charge.

If I would have to point to any sweet spots in terms of musical genres it would be those genres… including when those genres intertwines (oh sweet lordy lord). However it’s far from the only style of music that I listen to and that I dig and appreciates, which I hope will be displayed in the weeks and months to come of this blog.

Today I thought to spare a couple of words on one of those genres that haven’t really been brought to light on this blog up until the present day. And the genre is… drum roll please…Pop.

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