Ch. #36 – “Ending with a bang and a sound”


It’s over boys and girls. I’m calling it. The blessed warmth and light of the summer season has left us for this time around. At least around the neck of the woods where I’m living. With the passing of summer’s warmth and light also spells the end of the outdoor concerts for the year. Aye, it’s a time of much sadness.

*Queue tiny violins playing*

We did have a good run though. My season of outdoor concerts was great this year. I got to see and hear a lot of cool bands and artist put on goods shows, several of which artists and their shows I have chronicled on this here blog in the past few months.

And it ended on a high note. I would even dare to venture to say it ended with a bang. Or to be precise I should say it ended with The Sounds.

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Ch. #35 – “The faerie queen of ice and snow”


And now to something completely different.

I was on my journey home from my chronicled visit to Chicago I had a layover in Reykjavík on the fortress of solitude like island of Iceland. As I was sitting by the window peering out over the mesmerizing landscape of the island I couldn’t help to think about a particular music artist. To be fair it’s the artist I imagine most people would think about while associating the concepts of “Iceland” and “music”. I’m of course thinking about the otherworldly and undefinable Björk.

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Ch. #34 – “Oh, I’m still a fool for the Blues”


I know, I know. There has been a lot of Blues related songs and topics on the blog in the last few weeks, but you have to humor me for another week. I haven’t been able to shake these Blues from me yet, but for good reasons.

As I alluded to in last week’s entry I had the good fortune to spend the better part of a week in Chicago this past week. Given my musical leanings one location I made sure to visit during my stay in town was 2120 South Michigan Avenue; the address of the legendary music studio and label Chess Records.

The music label is unfortunately not active anymore, but we remember and hold this label and studio at that Chicago address so dearly because of it’s importance in Blues and popular music history. During the 1950s and -60s this label and studio was the home of so many of the most revered Blues and early Rock & Roll musicians of the time period. To name drop a few; Howlin’ Wolf, Wille Dixon, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Buddy Guy, and Chuck Berry. Therefore the label and the people behind it, the Chess brothers, are rightfully to be credited for spreading these musicians and their music around all corners of the world and in the process turning the cogs and wheels in the machinery that gave us the boom in Rock music in the 1960s and continuous to this day shape popular music as we know it.

A keen reader and/or Blues fans may have noticed that I left out a certain name in that name drop. Rest assured it’s was completely intentional because he’s our the star of the hour. Whenever I think about the Blues one of the names I find the hardest to not think about is the eminent and venerable Muddy Waters.

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