Ch. #3 – “Ethereal folk”


As I’m writing this I’m a grass widow as my girlfriend has run of to see a First Aid Kit concert, ergo the inspirational source of this week’s installment of the blog.

I have for a long time been fascinated by the Swedish sister duo of Klara & Johanna Söderberg that makes out First Aid Kit. And it’s not their amazing musicianship, which is enough of a source to be fascinated and mesmerized about; it’s how they have been able to obtain and keep the popularity that they have.

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Ch. #1 – “Here comes the Sunday Driver”


Late in the week before Christmas last year I was sitting on train bound towards Schiphol, the international airport of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I was finally homebound after spending the few preceding weeks working abroad. I was very tired and toilful from the hard work of the previous weeks and from being away from home, but as I was on my phone sifting through my Facebook feed I suddenly shone up.

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