Ch. #28 – “Sleeping Satellite”


We’re continuing today with the theme of last week, the historic Apollo 11 voyage and the Moon, as I’m putting the spotlight on a-oft forgotten little gem from the 90s, a sleeping satellite if you will.

The artist in question is 90s one-hit wonder Tasmin Archer and the song is her 1992 hit song that is an ode to the Apollo missions, the Moon and the yearning and endeavors of humankind.

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Ch. #27 – “Fly Me to the Moon”


Beyond being a huge music nerd I’m, out of many things, also a bit of a space nut. Hence I have the past week spent quite some time pondering over the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission which completed the momentous and to this day mindboggling feat of successfully sending a living person to walk on the surface of the Moon. A feat which took place this very week 50 years ago.

Thinking about this huge chapter in the history of humanity as much as I have during the past week have spilled over to the topic of this here piece, clearly, and also in the song selection for today.

In tribute to the Apollo 11 Moon landing and Neil & Buzz sauntering on the Moon all those years ago, let’s simply be swoon by Frank Sinatra singing the classic “Fly Me to the Moon“.

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Ch. #26 – “Yesterday and its surprising lack of The Beatles”


So the other week I went out to see “Yesterday“, the new The Beatles themed film directed by Danny Boyle¬†which I had looked forward to seeing a great deal since I saw a trailer for it a number of months back.

Just the idea of a film featuring a bunch music by the Fab 4 almost had me sold but what I really piqued my interested is the tantalizing and quite frankly mindboggling “what if” scenario the film is based around; imagine a world where The Beatles didn’t happen nor did John, Paul, George and Ringo write any of the classic songs in their dense discography yet somehow, someone know about them and their songs… What would that world look like and what would you do with that knowledge? Great Googly Moogly Batman!

This piece is hardly meant to be a complete review or rundown of the film but elements from it will be mentioned, so if you haven’t seen it but want to and are hypoallergenic to spoilers you may want to stop reading here and get back once you have seen the film. You have officially been warned!

With everyone officially warned, let’s proceed to chew a little over “Yesterday” and The Beatles.

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Ch. #25 – “Slacker Rock”


As I’m writing these words I have just gone on my summer vacation and will be spending the couple of weeks slacking off, recharging the ol’ batteries and hopefully catch some rays. That said, I’m only taking vacation from my day job and not from this here blog. There is no off time from New Year’s wows.

While it’s itching in my fingers to do a minor freak out about two of the albums I have been looking forward the most so far this year; the comeback records of both The Raconteurs and The Black Keys, “Help Us Stranger” and “Let’s Rock“, another band, song and topic had to proceed them today.

With thought about chilling, slacking and mellow out orbiting my mind the last few days given my impending vacation I have also unsought been thinking about another gem of a band from the 90s; Pavement.

Saddle up partner, today we’ll be digging some Slacker Rock.

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