Ch. #35 – “The faerie queen of ice and snow”


And now to something completely different.

I was on my journey home from my chronicled visit to Chicago I had a layover in Reykjavík on the fortress of solitude like island of Iceland. As I was sitting by the window peering out over the mesmerizing landscape of the island I couldn’t help to think about a particular music artist. To be fair it’s the artist I imagine most people would think about while associating the concepts of “Iceland” and “music”. I’m of course thinking about the otherworldly and undefinable Björk.

I hadn’t thought or listened to Björk for while until I sat on that plane cruising over the island, but that artist is truly something special. Even though most of her music isn’t within the boundaries of my usual musical digest, I’m thinking about the recurring experimental, electronica laced pop and dance sounds I guess the closest we can associate with her, the way her music is thought of and arranged is always so fascinating.

Beyond all though what I’m always struck by when listening to her and remain so captivated by to this date is her voice. What a voice. Effortlessly slipping between highs and low, swinging from mature and so childish, from so strong to so fragile… while having textures to it that I struggle to find someone to compare her to.

Inspired by that lucid dreaming, like half conscious state you are prone to find yourself in when you curled up in a semi-uncomfortable airplane seat during a red-eye trip, I guess, the song that first came to mind and the first I queued up once I got back home was the impossibly beautiful “Hyperballad” of the sophomore album “Post“.

Although not very descriptive about the song is about. the title do is the paradox of sound and genres blended on this song. I mean what even is this song? How would you describe it; is it a pop ballad or a dance track for a club?

Somehow, amazingly, it’s both at the same time. That’s what makes the song so memorable and unique to me. That together with Björk’s voice which seems to prance like a faerie through the dreamlike soundscape the instrumentals paints.

Too be honest I actually get a little teary eyed by hearing the song in the background as I’m writing this. It all just so pretty with the delicate message of the song narrated in this manner… which again is a bit weird because I’m getting conflicting emotions. Am I really supposed to be dancing while hearing the beats of “Hyperballad”? Should I be busting a move?

No, no. Just don’t think about it too much. Whatever the song evokes for you, savor it. And to me, it’s just drop dead gorgeous. Period.




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